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Technology magazine covers a wide range of ideas that present an Asian Outlook on Engineering and Technology. As one of the official publications of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Technology is a forum for professional and researchers to share and disseminate their contributions to the technological development of the Asian region.

TECHNOLOGY: Affordable Housing

This new issue of Technology magazine provides overview of research in the provision of affordable housing  and prevents several innovatives, articles, and experiences that the community may find great value in.

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TECHNOLOGY: Disaster Resilience

This issue of Technology magazine presents several initiatives, propositions, and experiences from 11 contributors covering the field of disaster resilience from different perspectives such as remote-sensing, water resources engineering, environments, public health, and capacity building. To read all the articles, download the third issue of Technology: High | Low


This issue focuses on the ongoing global movement on Green Technology covering original research, opinions, and news.

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TECHNOLOGY: The Inaugural Issue

The first issue of the magazine features topics on GIS-based Facility Information Management Systems (FIMS), developing interactive, computer-based learning tools for Civil Engineering students, the integration of environmental sustainability and disaster resilience in building codes and insights on how the Intellectual Property (IP) system could be effectively used as one of the tools to seed and nurture creativity and innovation in students by providing a platform for equitable sharing of knowledge. To read all the articles, download the first issue of Technology: High | Low

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